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'How to Provide Genomics Education to Physicians

How to Provide Genomics Education to Physicians

Genomics and personalized medicine as a whole have expanded the reach of the medical industry and garnered some incredibly complex and vital information regarding diseases and health in general. Providing genomics education to Physicians and other healthcare providers can be a challenge in this quickly changing industry.

Healthcare providers are busy people. They are zipping between patients and keeping up with the latest drug studies. In their diminishing free time, finding a way to educate them on something as intricate as genomics can be tough.

'Why Include a Video Player In Your Website Budget (Hint: It’s All About Video Measurement)

Why Include a Video Player In Your Website Budget (Hint: It’s All About Video Measurement)

If you want to have the most control over the performance of your website and its video content, budgeting for a video player operated by a video hosting service is essential.


Because it gives you the valuable ability to answer this all-important question. How did the video affect your marketing program?

To answer that question and properly steer the course of your marketing campaigns, you need to go deeper than just rattling off video views as your answer.

'Differentiate from the Competition with a Company Explainer Video

Differentiate from the Competition with a Company Explainer Video

We are all racing to bring in new customers or clients. It seems to be a race to be the first, yell the loudest and push the hardest. But I argue that there is a better way to win the race. With the mounting evidence that visual content is crucial in driving both brand awareness and conversions, digital video is entering the forefront of many marketing strategies. But what type of video would work best for your needs?

Naturally, a plethora of video ideas float around the web and could be utilized to suit your marketing strategy. Today, I’m going to focus on a company explainer video to help drive new customers to your business and differentiate you from the competition. Industries having to market complicated products or services, such as healthcare, simply explaining what your company does is an important part of the conversion process. Relating to your audience and helping them understand how you solve for their situation is what an explainer video is all about.

'[Case Study] Verily Life Sciences Launches with Explainer Video

[Case Study] Verily Life Sciences Launches with Explainer Video

I love to share examples of great work in video production and marketing. I found a great example today. It was created and executed by our friends at Google, by their life sciences team within Google[x] which just became an independant company, Verily.  

The bar has now been set and the importance of video now confirmed by the fact that at the launch of their new independent company, their marketing team launched with a great explainer video and a small website.

This video has only been out a week, is hosted on a YouTube channel with only 1 video and it already has 49,134 views and 690 subscribers.  They must be doing something right! So how did they do it? Pull strings with their friends at Google? I doubt it.  They played by the same rules that everyone does.

'Build Trust with Customer Testimonial Videos

Build Trust with Customer Testimonial Videos

The Power of Video is Undeniable

Marketers agree: online video is the preferred channel to deliver content. Video has revolutionized how people create their websites, interact with their customers, and has continued the evolution of social networking sites. For example, Facebook’s decision to underline the importance of video demonstrates that social media knows that this sort of content marketing is the way of the future.

It doesn’t take much to understand why this is so – video provides a lot of information in personal way. Its delivery is immediate, entertaining, and when properly done; they are highly relevant to a customer’s need.