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Video Advertising

Well-suited for branding campaigns and event promotions, DigiVid360 can help you determine the right video advertising program based on your campaign goals and budget.

Using Video Advertising

When properly implemented, video advertising can directly target your audience and deliver your brand message in a compelling and emotional way. This can boost brand recognition which will lead to increased sales. In order to obtain those sales, your video ad campaign strategy must be fully developed, considering each step of the buying cycle. From consideration and awareness to purchase and advocacy, videos have moved beyond just great advertising, they need to be amazing!

The Future of Advertising

The customer buying cycle is not as linear as it once was. Consumers have an infinite number of media choices. Brands now have to be in multiple places to be recognized. Delivering contextual video to your audience is the best method for success in today’s competitive environment. Delivering personalized messages is the future of digital video.

Consumers retain information communicated to them through video as opposed to an ad in written format. This is clearly the direction of today’s advertising. With more consumers moving online, marketing dollars will follow with additional budget going to create digital videos for advertising purposes. Digital video will need to move beyond regular advertising messages and be interesting and amazing. Capturing the audience’s attention. Delivering a brand message without directly “advertising” is the way to create an amazing digital video that gets noticed and gets results.

Couple amazing digital video with the ability to highly target individual messages to people and deliver across multiple media platforms at the same time and you have a recipe for success.

Our Services

Digivid360 works with the major ad networks as well as directly with social sites to deliver video advertising campaigns. Our current video advertising campaigns include:

checkmark In-stream (Pre-Roll) video advertising
checkmark In-display video advertising
checkmark Programmatic campaigns optimization
checkmark Creating Amazing content not just great advertising

The power of digital video is undeniable. The growing capabilities of personalized delivery, as advertisers, we need to begin to think about not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of pieces of video content. DigiVid360 can help this possible for you with our extensive network of partners, marketing experience and creativity for scalable solutions.

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