Email Marketing

Build better relationships & engagement with email video!

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics available. Marketers consistently rank email as having a higher return on investment than any other marketing strategy, followed closely by SEO. But what if you could double or triple the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts? That’s what video does: it increases email click-through rates by 200-300%, ensuring that your email campaigns get the highest ROI possible. Whether you’re planning a single or series of email videos for your next campaign, you’ll be sure to hook viewers and improve engagement simply by utilizing this powerful tool. From education to healthcare to manufacturing, here’s a few reasons why industries and marketers are tapping into video email marketing.

Get Your Message Across Easily

Videos are effective at drawing the attention of your viewers and helping them retain information. Your audience will find your message more interesting and will feel more emotionally attached compared to plain text. Visually demonstrate in a way that is not possible with just plain text explanations.

Save time for you and your customer

Streamline the process of explaining your product or service. By explaining your value proposition in video format, you can effectively simplify complex subjects and provide a cohesive explanation of your benefits each and every time. Not to mention provide a favorable alternative to spending time reading an email, instead, enjoy watching an entertaining video.

Awe your customer

Have fun and express your brand excitement. Don’t just tell them, show them! Video is a great way to add life and engagement to an email program. Effective at delivering brand messages, internal communication, announcements, sharing event excitement and overcoming concerns, video is a secret weapon for email marketers.

Increase Knowledge Retention

Video is more effective at information retention than through text. Whether you are delivering an important internal announcement or critical key benefit of your product, video is extremely effective at helping your audience retain the information delivered.

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