So many options, so little time

Corporate Videos

An Excellent Way To Communicate Your Corporate Message To Prospects, Clients and Staff.

So many options, so little time

Corporate Videos

An Excellent Way To Communicate Your Corporate Message To Prospects, Clients and Staff.

Types Of Corporate Videos

Video continues to be a valuable vehicle to communicate your message efficiently and effectively. Explore some of these corporate video ideas, but don’t get too overwhelmed. We’re here to help you determine which are the right options to reach your business goals!

Company Explainer

Explainer videos are an impressive way to communicate your business to your target audience, informing them how they can improve their lives with your product or service. By speaking directly to your audience, you can help resolve common concerns and prompt action. The explainer video can include a corporate leader speaking, feature an animated video with voice over, or highlight customer testimonials. We’ll work with you to get the best style to suit your audience.

Product Overview

Like a corporate explainer, a product explainer demonstrates your product to your target audience. This can humanize your offering and help your audience better understand how it improves their life. These videos may include a real-life application of your product or illustrate the impact of your service to help connect to your audience.


Showing a step-by-step process empowers your customers with a deeper understanding of your business that provides them with a greater appreciation for your expertise. Explaining or walking your audience through a process will reduce confusion and create efficiency for your sales and support staff.

Sales & Training

Provide training and support to your employees and customers! These videos can make your organization more efficient and allow your customers to help themselves to information. From employee welcome videos and internal process videos to education and training videos, these are just a few opportunities to improve your messaging efficiency and consistency.


Capture the “awe” moments of your business at your next organizational presentation, party or conference! There are many opportunities to capture memorable moments at an event, including creating teaser videos to excite your audience to attend, capturing video footage of the event itself, creating content for a conference booth loop, a presentation or video wall or highlighting videos for event follow-ups to your attendees or leads.


Video testimonials allow your audience to see and hear a real-life success story with genuine results which improves trust, increases engagement, and improves conversions.


Entice top talent in a competitive employment landscape by showing off the culture of your brand, benefits of working in your environment, potential career growth, or even feature short testimonials from co-workers and leaders to make your mark!


Tap into video to craft a compelling business pitch for investors to help you gain additional funding or stock purchase. This high-performing marketing tactic could also be used for entrepreneur competitions or even for a Kickstarter campaign. Here is some great advice from Forbes on How to Pitch your Business Idea. Script and practice your pitch and get it perfect in a video that features real-life usage of your product or service and testimonials from current customers.


Video advertising is a great way to create brand awareness and bridge the gap between you to your target audience. Utilize the power of digital marketing to advertise your product or service.

Sizzle Reel

A “sizzle” reel helps promote your company’s biggest moments. Highlight your company’s recent achievements, awards, successful marketing campaigns, special events or other technology launches.


Newsletter & Blog

Engage customer, staff and fans of your brand! Amplify your brand presence or use a video to help inform and educate your audience. Newsletter and blog videos are generally lower production quality to stretch your budget by creating several short videos to reach your audience more often with industry news, education, tips and frequently asked questions.

Video Library

For content marketing, these are usually lower-production quality videos that allow for several videos to be produced in a series to stretch the budget. They can be quick updates, FAQs, or a demonstration or tips that can help your customer. Helpful is the new viral, and these videos are effective at enhancing your existing content or building thought leadership on social networks.

Leader Or Team Bio

Make a splash! This is a excellent way to show your audience your expertise, qualifications and most importantly, your personality. They can creatively showcase your team or key individuals in your organization.

Guerrilla Marketing

Using unconventional methods to create conventional results is what guerrilla marketing is all about. This is a highly creative process to plan and execute. This can be risky and fun but can yield great results. Check out some great examples of successful campaigns from Creative Guerrilla Marketing.

Real Estate Previews

Whether it is an aerial view of the vast estate or a guided tour through the home, a video is a great way to add a “punch” to your listing and show off great properties to an audience that might otherwise not have seen its charm.

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