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Video Marketing Strategy

Deliver a video marketing solution that addresses your business challenges!

One of the primary challenges we often find with companies is that their video marketing endeavors have been an after-thought and developed in a silo with no inclusion in the overall company marketing and content strategy.
At DigiVid360, we can customize an effective video marketing strategy so you can better monetize existing video assets and create a video plan that will guide the development of new video assets needed. This plan will provide guidance on how to more effectively leverage video to drive more engagement and results for your business.

Video marketing strategies are customed to your needs, but may include any of the following:

checkmark Inventory analysis of current video assets
checkmark Gap analysis between existing videos and future videos
checkmark Competitive video landscape analysis
checkmark Video roadmap to determine what videos should be created, where they should be utilized and when they should be used
checkmark Video analytics plan to ensure engagement and ROI tracking
checkmark Video editorial calendar to guide the creation, placement and sharing of videos

Key benefits of a video marketing strategy:

checkmark Allows for better utilization of current videos
checkmark Ensures key performance indicators to measure video performance
checkmark Takes video out of a silo and allows more departments to start utilizing video
checkmark Allows your company to start utilizing video proactively and effectively
checkmark Your company can start to own the online conversation around key topics

Whether you’re in need of video content for a medical conference, internal town hall or explaining your software, your video marketing initiative should be cohesive and connected with purpose. We will help integrate a streamlined marketing strategy with the right platforms and information that gets your target audience talking, and more importantly, sharing.