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Be social! Social marketing is about getting shared, utilize video to improve shares and engagement.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have become enormously popular platforms to share video messages. Whether you’re a large enterprise in need of an employer branding video or a small business owner wanting to create brand awareness, utilizing these social platforms to share your voice can be a powerful way to promote your business.

DigiVid360 can customize your social marketing program to integrate video to improve performance. Each social platform has a different audience and strategy associated with it. We’ll help you assess which platform(s) are best for your business and how to appropriately incorporate videos into the program to get the best engagement and build your following.

Our social site publishing services include: video uploading, post writing, call-to-action additions, playlist organization (where applicable), development of posting frequency plans and social media video strategy. Here’s a few reasons why industries and marketers are tapping into social video marketing:


Get In Front Of Your Target Audience

Social video is important because of its primary audience. Its growth is fueled by millennials (approx 18-33) who grew up with online video and spend a growing number of hours on their phones and laptops and a shrinking number of hours in front of the television.


Convey Powerful Messages

Video is unique in its ability to convey a powerful message to viewers, in a way that static forms of content can’t. Social networks also favor video in their algorithms, knowing that this rich form of content is more appreciated by audiences.


Deliver Impressive ROI

Social media videos can deliver impressive ROI. Production and distribution costs associated with video have plummeted in recent years. That coupled with the value of earned media you can drive from a truly shareable video makes this one of the most effective forms of content marketing.

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