Insights About Our Culture

Look, we can’t ask you to be real if we aren’t real with you.

Here are a few things about us that you may not know, or may not want to know


Some DigiViders are living proof that “convertible top-down wind-in-your-hair” is a legitimate hairstyle, even during client presentations.


We know that culture isn’t just about funny facts, it’s the true identity of your brand. People will choose you more for who you are than simply what you do. They may also think you smell nice, so… there’s that.


At DigiVid360, we’ve learned that more isn’t always better. Except for chocolate. And ice cream. Oh, and roller coasters. And…


We share our office with an Arizona Humane Society Top Dog that has learned brand strategy through osmosis.


We work just as hard as the ant carrying the rubber tree plant, and we play like that “Ants Marching” song by Dave Matthews is stuck in our heads.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that where there’s a Will, there’s a way. We’ve also noticed that where there’s a Will, there’s a Grace.


Sometimes we split a sandwich we buy from a nearby grocery store deli for several months so we can justify buying a game-changing camera for video shoots.


We understand that the difference between not knowing how to do something and being proficient at it is the effort. And coffee… lots and lots of coffee.


We’re always in the moment. We Avoid distractions. Sorry… what? Oh, yeah… we’re always in the moment.


We believe that talking to strangers is the best way to start a business relationship. Of course, talking to strangers can lead to other types of relationships, too, but that’s TMI.


DigiViders are really good at making the best of every situation. Except when the vanilla yogurt and blueberries are gone… there’s no light at the end of that tunnel.


We believe in ending the day on a good note. So write one for us, and maybe we’ll post it here.

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