Search Engines Love Video

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Search engines love video content! See how video optimization can help you get more views

Video is the trump card in the hand of the search engine optimizer. Search engines are looking for signs that your content is engaging to determine if it is worth a high ranking. And nothing boosts engagement like video. In fact, Forrester Research found that the presence of video on a web page makes it 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. While those percentages are always changing, the principle remains consistent: video increases the searchability of your content.

DigiVid360 can help publish videos on your website and make sure videos are set-up so that search engines can understand the video content, increasing the chances for improved organic search rankings. Some of our website video publishing and search engine optimization services include:

  • Review current website set-up
  • Review page template layout
  • Set-up video analytics tracking
  • Upload video to your preferred player
  • Embed video on your website
  • Optimize video title, description and tags
  • Locate the best location for videos
  • Transcribe video audio to text
  • Written content creation to accompany video content

From inception to launch, DigiVid360 will work with you to develop a goal-driven SEO video strategy. Video will help you meet your conversion, brand awareness and engagement goals.

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