Build your brand awareness & thought leadership on this growing video social platform


Build your brand awareness & thought leadership on this growing video social platform


Increase your brand awareness and reach your target audience through this social video platform

YouTube as a Social Platform

YouTube is an excellent social sharing platform for distributing and sharing your videos with the world. Posting your video to this popular platform can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility and establish your brand as a thought leader within your industry. This can be accomplished by consistently providing helpful information to your audience.
Hard-sale videos are not usually well received this platform as most viewers will be turned off by this type of content. The audience is generally seeking answers to their questions. By being known as the brand providing these answers, the audience will associate your brand with knowledge. By establishing this association, when they are later seeking professional services or wanting to purchase a product to help them, they will look to the brand they have come to trust.

A YouTube strategy is like the other social network strategies. It is a long-term tactic that takes time to build and grow. There will not be high amounts of direct-response or direct click-throughs from your YouTube channel into your website. This is just not the usual path for visitors. Instead, it is useful in building brand recognition and associating industry knowledge with your brand. The conversion will generally come at a later date once this trust has been built.

This means that this channel needs to be managed and kept fresh. New content is important to stay ahead of the competition and to start building enough content to establish authority within your industry. We generally recommend 2 video post per week and being active with liking and commenting on videos by other users on the platform. The videos you post don’t have to be highly produced but should be good enough to keep the viewer’s interest with valuable content and elements that would turn viewers away (poor sound quality, too much movement, extremely low-resolution, flippant attitude, etc.).

Just like any other search engine, there are several tips that the experts use to ensure uploaded videos have the highest possibility of showing at the top of search results. Establishing authority of your channel through total number of views and subscriber-ship is of course at the top of the list but on your way to the top, there are several things each video should include. At DigiVid360, we can help ensure that your channel is setup for success. We will ensure that each video contains the important elements to be found and build your subscribers. Find out more about our services below.


YouTube as a Video Player

The YouTube player is widely used as a free player on websites. It’s a very easy way to incorporate video into your website with quick light-weight code on your website. But with most things that are free, there are some downsides that you may want to consider. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with more information about the ups and downs of using YouTube as your website video player and when it makes sense to use it.
We can help you decide on the best player for your business, it’s one of the first questions that we ask in our discovery phase when we start the first video project to ensure that the videos that we are creating are optimized for the video player you will be using.

Types of Video

YouTube also provides a paid advertising service called, TrueView. This allows for paid pre-roll (or in-stream) video advertising on YouTube as well as in-display video ads that are static display banners with play buttons that viewers can engage with. This method of advertising is quickly becoming popular as the audience can be highly targeted, just as you would in Google AdWords, and is cost effective compared to many other video advertising platforms.

TrueView’s advertiser costs are based on the number of video views (cost-per-view or CPV). What gives TrueView a cost-effective advantage over other pre-roll and in-display video advertisers is that you only pay for the view if the viewer watches 30-seconds or more of the video or if the viewer interacts with your video through a call-to-action (CTA) or clicks to view an in-display video. And because it is an auction, you will not always pay your maximum bid, you will only pay what’s needed to rank higher than the advertiser immediately below you.

This means that anyone that views your video under 30 seconds is many times a free impression for your brand and you only pay up to what your competition was willing to pay. And an in-display ad is also free impression as you only pay when they click to view the video.

TrueView is an extremely effective method for our clients to build brand awareness, build YouTube channel subscribers and bring in additional visitors to their website. Talk with us today and we can help you setup a video advertising program just for you.

Our Services

DigiVid360 can help you at any level on YouTube from a new channel set-up or optimization to the ongoing creation of new content. Some of our services include:

checkmark Development of YouTube Strategy: develop approach, content types, playlists structure and tags
checkmark Create channel description, logo and banner image
checkmark Develop a channel Trailer video
checkmark Help recommend and develop Fanfinder videos
checkmark Set-up tags
checkmark Set-up defaults for video uploads

checkmark Set-up and design “bugs” to encourage subscribers
checkmark Upload and Prepare each new video for YouTube publishing: Titles, tags, video descriptions, transcribe audio to text transcripts, create custom thumbnails
checkmark Ongoing content creation (multiple videos can be created at one time and used over time)
checkmark Channel management by connecting with other channel creators and commenting on others’ video posts

When you work with DigiVid360, our team of experts will help you determine which YouTube strategy is the best fit for your specific video project and business goals.

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