One of the most powerful phrases when it comes to promoting and expanding your brand consists of six words: 

“Don’t take our word for it.” 

Let’s say you have a great offer for your customers – an effective product or service that solves a problem for your target demographic. To reach the highest number of people possible, you need to promote your company’s unique selling point. While you should definitely inform your current and future customers about all the great ways it can benefit them, people also want to hear from your customers who have already purchased from you. They want to know their experience to determine whether it’s worth it for them. When the only source they hear from is you, they may tend to doubt the message. 

That’s where a customer testimonial video comes in. 

Creating customer testimonial videos is one of the best ways to promote your company and your unique offer. Let’s take a deeper dive into what a customer testimonial video is, how creating them can benefit your company, the different approaches to creating one, and how to promote it. 

What Is a Customer Testimonial Video and What Is the Psychology Behind It?

A customer testimonial is any video where one of your customers sings the praises of your company. They can talk about your outstanding product. They can discuss your first-rate customer service. Basically, the customer provides a review of your brand that leaves viewers feeling positive about what you can provide them. 

Companies that include customer testimonials as part of their marketing plan are playing on the concept of “social proof”. This is the idea that people are more readily able to accept something if someone else has already accepted it. For example, did you know 83% of consumers report that recommendations from friends or a family member make them more likely to buy a product? 

In short: prospective customers want to hear about how great your offer is, but they want to hear about it from someone who isn’t you. 

Customer testimonials can come in the form of written text as well, but a video is more powerful. Text can be edited or even outright fabricated, but a video represents your future customers hearing positive feedback about your product directly from the mouths of your current customers. 

Customer testimonials often take the form of “talking head” videos, where the customer addresses an offscreen interviewer or addresses the camera directly. They can also show the customer using the product, demonstrating its effectiveness. 

The primary benefit of a customer testimonial video is that it demonstrates your offer’s value to prospective customers through the words of users who have already found success with it. It gives proof positive that your product or service works from a presumably unbiased third party. 

Different Approaches to Creating a Customer Testimonial Video

By now, you probably realize that opting to include customer testimonial videos as part of your marketing strategy as a no-brainer. But how should you go about creating them? There are two primary ways in which companies can make customer testimonial videos. 

Produce Your Own

This is where you find your loyal customers, set up a video shoot, and film them talking about your product. This method involves a lot of preparation and production on your end. You’ll schedule a time to shoot the video, coach the customer (without putting words in their mouth), and take care of all post-production duties. 

Ask Your Customers to Produce Them for You

You can also make offers to your customers to entice them to record their own videos endorsing your product. This puts the weight of production on your customer’s shoulders. They’ll likely use their smartphone to shoot this, and the production quality may be a bit lower than if you handled the shoot yourself. 

The benefit of shooting your own videos? You get to control every aspect of the production. The drawback is that you’ll have to spend more time on it – unless you partner with a trusted video provider who can help guide you through the process. 

For customer-produced testimonials, the big advantage is that they handle the production for you. While the videos may not be as high quality as ones you can produce on your own, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. User testimonials with a less professional-looking edge can actually appear more authentic in some instances. These types of customer-made videos are well-suited for your social media channels. You’ll want the videos on your website to have higher production quality.

Where You Can Promote Your Customer Testimonial Videos

Once you’ve produced a customer testimonial video, it’s important to promote it. But what are the best ways to do that? There are two primary channels you can use to signal-boost your videos:  

Your Website

Having customer testimonial videos posted on your website – like on your “About Us” page, or your “Product” page – is a great way to have evergreen content your viewers can always access. That will leave future customers happening upon your site with a customer review. 

What’s great about using your website to promote your customer testimonials is that if you participate in e-commerce, your audience will view the video close to the point of purchase. You can include a link to buy directly under the testimonial. 

Your Social Media Channels

Your social media channels are another great outlet for posting customer testimonials. These will reach the people you’ve connected with online. If your followers share the content, you can also reach other potential customers organically. Additionally, you can insert these videos into social media ads you purchase. Customer testimonials are great for promoted content. Indeed, they expose new members of your audience to all the positive aspects of your product. 

Learn More About Customer Testimonial Videos

Whether you want your customers to create testimonials or you want to create your own, it helps to partner with an expert provider. That’s where Digivid360 can help. We can help make your video production process easier while also ensuring the highest quality output. For more on how we can help, contact us today