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The Top 6 Ways Branding is Like a Bra

The Top 6 Ways Branding is Like a Bra

A bra is an important necessity for a woman. While a lot of women may dislike them, there is no denying that it can make your day-to-day life so much easier. The same is true when it comes to branding for your business; it’s a necessity, and one with so many benefits that it might make you wonder why you’re making life harder on yourself than it has to be by not putting the proper amount of focus on it.

Not sure the comparison is apt? Well, there are plenty of ways that branding and bras are comparable. For example…

#1: A Bra and Branding Both Give You Much Needed Support

The reason garment companies are always trying to find new mesh fabrics, new comfortable kinds of wire, and other fashion technologies; because proper support is the entire purpose of a bra. The same is true of your company brand.

If you have a strong brand, it can take a lot of weight. People who know your brand, for example, will buy from you based solely on that brand and its reputation. This means you don’t have to work as hard when it comes to marketing, because your brand can (at least in part) speak for your company. It operates as a kind of shorthand and allows you to do more than you would be able to if you didn’t have

#2: They Both Help You Shape Yourself

Another purpose of a bra is to help achieve a certain form, or look. A sports bra, for example, may help you maintain a sleeker shape and a tighter hold so that your chest doesn’t create a problem if you’re jogging, rock climbing, lifting weights, etc. A fashion bra may help lift your silhouette, acting more like a corset than a traditional bra, altering everything from your posture on down.

Your brand can do the same thing. The idea is that your brand acts as a kind of underwire for your business; it helps shape and define you, making you more recognizable to your audience. Additionally, branding helps create an image for your company; an image you’re trying to fill out. Whether it’s that you offer the lowest prices, friendly service, you’re cutting-edge, or just that you are the place where people in-the-know go, it creates a niche for you. Sometimes it would even be impossible to achieve that look without the aid of the right bra… er, branding, that is.

#3: They Both Lift and Separate

If you can find a bra that both lifts and separates, then that is a garment that will always have a place of honor in your lingerie drawer.

Solid branding can provide you with the same experience… metaphorically speaking, anyway. Good branding lifts you up above your competitors in the market and separates your signal from theirs in a way that people will take notice of. That kind of separation can define you and gives you something of a lead over what everyone else is doing. It makes you different in a very good, and very noticeable, way.

branding graphic

#4: They Both Protect You

While there aren’t any bras out there that will stop a bullet (even if they feel like they might), they can protect you in a lot of other ways. A good bra can help wick moisture away from your skin, for instance, and they can help keep you safe from accidents or your surrounding environment. They may not be lifesavers in a literal sense, but they can do a lot to save you grief, embarrassment, and frustration in your everyday life.

Good branding is similar. When you have an established brand that people receive positively, it’s harder for negativity to cling to it. You can resist stains, and even recover from bad market decisions simply because of the reputation associated with your branding. It is, in many ways, like armor against a lot of the ups and downs you can experience when you depend on the market.

#5: They Both Represent An Investment

If you’ve ever bought a cheap bra, you already know where this one is going. Because maybe you didn’t want to spend the money on a big-ticket bra, or maybe you figured that all bras were the same behind the price tag, but chances are that you regretted it when the cheap bra fell apart after a few washes, or the wire snapped and started poking at you.

If you want branding that is going to stick with you, protect you, and support you, then you have to be willing to invest in it. Time, energy, and commitment are necessary if you want to be sure that you end up with what you need, rather than something you regret ever picking up in the first place.

#6: They Can Both Change To Suit Your Needs

Different bras are necessary for different days, activities, and events. The bra you wear on your day off to do housework is likely a very different bra than you wear to a gala at the opera, or to the 3k zombie run you’re doing for charity.

The same thing is true when it comes to your business. The branding that you used when you were a smaller company may not be the same branding that works for you as you grow in size. Alternatively, if you shift your services or products, then you may need to consider adjusting your branding to fit your new image. And, in some circumstance, you may have to completely throw out an old branding strategy and start over with something that fits who you are now.

Lastly, just like finding the right bra, it helps to have an expert on your side. Someone who can fit you perfectly, and who can find you just the right kind of bra for just the right activity. Someone who can find your unique selling point, and bring it out with the proper branding. If you need someone who can do that for you, then simply contact us today!

Increase Patient Acquisition through Education and Engagement

Increase Patient Acquisition through Education and Engagement

According to “The Digital Journey to Wellness,” a Google and Compete Inc. hospital study, 77% of patients used search engines and 83% used hospital sites before booking an appointment. In today’s digital world, prospective patients are now ACTIVE PARTNERS in their medical journeys. If you are a part of this journey, you will be able to increase patient acquisition for your hospital.

This creates a huge opportunity for you. Hospitals are in an inevitable position with lots of in-house experts, as well as a hungry audience eager to research a vast amount of health-related topics. Many healthcare organizations have expanded their priorities from simply growing their online and social media presence to actually engaging with patients and consumers on various platforms.

And there’s arguably no better engagement tool than video marketing. Video can connect and educate while humanizing the organization.
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What You Need to Know About Videos that Immediately Convert

What You Need to Know About Videos that Immediately Convert

When it comes to video marketing, every marketer needs an immediate win.

And the way to do that is to invest in videos that are conversion-focused.

Video is used for many marketing purposes – from building awareness and generating engagement. But when you want an immediate conversion response, there are some specific types of videos that will bring a quicker ROI.

Conversions are achieved through getting your audience to do something or take a particular action. These conversions can range from downloading white papers to requesting a demo of your products. These actions can often result in leads converting into customers online or even in your offline business.

Videos that immediately convert show immediate value. To do this, they must spark an interest in the audience’s mind – “I need that!”

When done right, these kinds of videos bring maximum bang for your buck right at the start of your video marketing strategy paving the way for upper funnel content marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the key elements and types of conversion videos based on distribution location:

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Why Your Website Needs a YouTube Alternative

Why Your Website Needs a YouTube Alternative

There is no question that video is playing a bigger role in marketing than ever before.

Marketers are tasked not only with determining what type of content to create to engage customers, but they must also decide on the best method for deploying videos. For those who are new to video, it may seem easy and effective to host your videos on YouTube. Newcomers are partially right. It is easy, but it’s definitely not the most effective video player for most businesses.

Here are five reasons why your company should host videos using a YouTube alternative. Read More

Expert Tips For Posting Videos To Social Media

Expert Tips For Posting Videos To Social Media

Posting videos to social media is an effective way to engage consumers.

Videos can serve as an introduction, they can teach viewers about your product, or they can help establish your company as an expert by helping consumers solve a problem. Whatever your social media video goals are, it’s important to properly execute the creation and distribution of your content. Posting videos to social media can help you reach your social media goals. Read More

Insider Tips for Working With the Media

Insider Tips for Working With the Media

Working with the media can be a great way to promote your business.

News stories reach a large audience and those stories are often shared on social media, sometimes hundreds of times! Also important for those on a tight marketing budget, it’s free. Sounds great right? It probably is, but there are a few things you should consider before agreeing to put your company in the spotlight.

As a former journalist, I hated public relations professionals that took the steps I am recommending. They take up time and can limit a new station’s ability to craft a story the way it was envisioned. However, as a professional working to protect your company and its reputation, following these steps will allow you to help control the way your company is perceived. Read More

Moving Prospects Through the Sales Funnel With Video

Moving Prospects Through the Sales Funnel With Video

Video is one of the strongest tools you can incorporate into your marketing strategy.

It not only engages potential customers, but it also educates those customers about your product or service. If done well, some videos can even sell for you. Creating content that leads to sales is the goal of many marketing strategists.  They think, if I can create an effective explainer, my job is done right?

Wrong! Many marketers make this big mistake!

If you are only creating a product overview or an explainer video, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunity.

Imagine this! You are looking for a new job and decide to apply for an open position using only a paper resume. While submitting a resume has historically been the best approach, new tools and tactics are often needed to help you land a job interview. You can submit an application online, connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn, or even reach out to a recruiter via email to express your interest. Pairing the traditional resume submission with some of the newer outreach methods is a more effective strategy to help you get hired.

Similarly to the job search example, marketers are limiting themselves if they don’t make content for all stages of the sales funnel. Some customers respond well to product overview and explainer videos. Others won’t engage with your content unless they are first introduced to your company in a way that’s not overbearing.
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Video Poster Makes Clinical Study Results Come Alive

Video Poster Makes Clinical Study Results Come Alive

Right now, more than 200,000 clinical studies are going on worldwide, with doctors and researchers studying countless aspects of health and medicine like heart disease, diabetes, nutrition, cancer, drug treatments, pneumonia, childhood food allergies, even acne.

All of the studies, however, have one thing in common: At some point, the results need to be presented to the medical community and key stakeholders. And that’s where Myriad Genetic Laboratories are greatly improving the way this information is communicated and shared.

Using the Power of Video to Communicate Research

There’s no denying the power of video, which uses both sight and sound to capture the attention of the viewer, making the message concise and easier to understand. Here are a few statistics you may not know:

According to INSIVIA, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Cisco Systems estimates that by 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be video.

Forrester Research says that overall, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles.

How does all that translate to a researcher’s clinical study results? After all, doctors aren’t marketers, and they aren’t in the business of providing entertainment. However, when used as a communication tool, video can make complicated scientific information better understood, far more accessible, and can dramatically increase the size of the audience.
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Video Content Marketing: Time For Video

Video Content Marketing: Time For Video

Trends continue to show more of the buyer’s online journey is moving to the digital world. A recent Forrester report, “2016 B2B Budget Plans Show That It’s Time For A Digital Wake-up,” B2B marketers are in need of new ways to generate more compelling customer experiences. “Simply sticking with what worked previously is a poor strategy,” the report says, “given that business buyers have become more sophisticated in their digital and mobile use.”

One of the report’s recommendations is that marketers should be, “focusing content marketing efforts on video…”

This doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are so many different types of videos that can be created and utilized in many different digital channels.

As you know, content marketing touches every marketing and sales channel. There is an opportunity for video to enhance each of your customer and prospect touch points.
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How to Improve HCP Education & HCP Marketing Using Video

How to Improve HCP Education & HCP Marketing Using Video

Is anyone busier than doctors these days? We bet if you ask anybody in Marketing Communications or Sales Management; their answer would be an enthusiastic, “No!”

In addition to a doctor’s primary passion of caring for patients, he or she must also supervise staff, juggle changing fee structures, deal with new insurance policies stemming from the Affordable Care Act, and manage electronic medical records (EMRs). Physicians also must make time to read medical journal reports pertinent to their specialty, exchange information with their peers, attend medical conferences and sometimes conduct research studies of their own.

It’s no wonder that the doctor’s door is closed more often today to marketing representatives. They simply have less time. And in the biotechnology, molecular genetics and genomic fields, the information you need in HCP education changes often and is complex, requiring more time.

Doctors with less time vs. communication that takes more time? That’s a no-win situation in HCP marketing, you say. And it leaves you with the less dynamic text-only options of email and PDFs.
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