Marketing your company has to be about more than just throwing out generic buzzwords. Your marketing needs to represent everything your company does and stands for.

The best way to build an excellent marketing plan that leads to happier customers and higher profit margins? Pairing with the right marketing firm. Because when you want something done right, it’s always better to let an expert do it for you, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at four signs that you know you have the right marketing firm.

Video Marketing

It was a modern-day computer genius and sometimes philosopher Bill Gates who once said that “Content is king.” Of the many types of content, you can market digitally, video is the most popular. This year, video content is expected to account for 80% of all web traffic. 90% of customers report video helping them make a decision on whether to purchase an item or not.

You probably watched a video before reading this post.

The power of video is undeniable.

It only makes sense to pair with a marketing firm that specializes in the production of versatile video marketing.

There are three ways a successful marketing firm is going to incorporate video into your marketing strategy:


A great video marketing firm knows to think strategically when planning and executing your video marketing campaigns. For example, if you’re building a marketing campaign around selling a  product, it would make sense to provide your potential customers with evidence that it’s great. An expert marketing firm would do that with previous user testimonials.

This social proof offers clear cut evidence to the prospective customer that what your selling, works. This is how a highly competent marketing firm would think strategically about the content it produces as opposed to creating content without a clear objective in mind.


Videos embedded in emails is another essential marketing tactic. It helps you share your message with prospective customers who have already expressed interest in your work by signing up for your email list. In today’s day and age when everyone’s inbox is filled to the brim, video is a great way to differentiate your email content from everyone else’s.

Social Media

The right marketing firm knows the value of generating awareness through video content created specifically for social media. Whether you’re using platforms optimized for videos like YouTube or more multimedia-focused social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s a great outlet for videos that will drive customer interest and engagement.


Branding is about building a connection between you and your customer. It’s about finding the center of the Venn diagram between your value and fulfilling the needs of your audience.

It’s also about establishing consistency – and we’re not talking about the boring kind, where you set your alarm to wake up at the same time every morning. We’re talking about establishing a consistently thematic through-line in all your content and marketing materials. It’s about creating content that properly reflects your company’s values and mission.

The best marketing firms know how to do this. They know how to create a brand that is reflected in everything you do – from your content to your website to your marketing campaigns.

A great marketing firm uses video and other types of content to reinforce the themes and value of your brand. It makes sure your brand is interwoven throughout your video content. It takes whatever your brand’s unique selling point is and crafts video to emphasize it.


In marketing, the concept of “positioning” is how your customer perceives your brand in relation to your competition.

Whatever position you establish for your brand, your marketing efforts need to reflect that. The right marketing firm understands this and seeds it throughout your content.

For example, let’s say your business is looking to establish itself as a thought leader in your chosen field. Nothing makes you look like more of a subject matter expert than creating a set of videos where you demonstrate that expertise. Provided the videos are professionally scripted, filmed, and edited, then marketed correctly with a wide-ranging outreach plan, you’ll show everyone you’re the expert to rely on.

When it comes to positioning your brand, you’ll want a marketing firm that understands you shouldn’t just tell everyone your strengths. You need to show them as well.

Besides, using a well-shot video to position yourself goes a heck of a lot farther than just emailing everyone to say, “Hey…we’re really smart.”

One-Stop Shop Marketing Firm

The top marketing firms take all the elements we discussed in this post – video marketing, branding, positioning your brand, among other marketing concepts – and creates a “one-stop shop” for all your marketing needs.

This is the only way to approach marketing, frankly. This is how you make sure all your marketing efforts are aligned. It’s how you push a consistent message.

Your customers like consistency. Brands that have consistent messaging and branding, promoting the value they’re providing across all platforms, scream reliability.

Your customers are more likely to give their hard-earned money to someone they see as providing both reliability and value.


The right marketing firm understands the power of incorporating video seamlessly across multiple platforms to promote your business. They will understand how important branding is to establish a consistent business identity. They know you need to position yourself in a way that leads to more customers trusting (and buying from) you. And they also have a suite of capabilities that can fill these needs and more as a one-stop marketing shop.

If you’re looking for a firm that checks all these boxes and then some, look no further than DigiVid360.

At DigiVid360, what sets us apart from the average digital marketer is our ability to uncover your unique selling point and then infuse that into everything we produce for you. Every video, every email, every logo, every marketing piece will reflect your brand and hammer home the point you want your customer to come away with. We specialize in using video marketing to create and promote winning brands.

For a free consultation on how DigiVid360 can take your marketing to the next level through superior video marketing and content production, contact us today!