“Working from home” became the new standard in 2020. This shift to a telecommuting-focused paradigm shows no signs of going away. Rather, it has extended well beyond the office. It also impacted how marketers approached their work as well. They pivoted to a largely remote posture with new engagement strategies that embraced our new collective reality. Video is essential within biotechnology and life sciences spaces.

Using virtual tactics isn’t considered innovative anymore. Now, using tools like video represent an expected part of doing business. A survey conducted by Zoom found that 84% of businesses saw video conferencing as essential moving forward. 

With so much marketing noise out there, standing out means getting ahead. That goes for every industry. The biotechnology and life science sectors were no different. Furthermore, there were plenty of creative ways these spaces implemented video to aid their marketing efforts. 

Virtual Events are Now the Norm

Before the pandemic, it was customary for many biotech organizations to hold provider dinner programs. This was a great way to educate physicians on related medical topics and their products while strengthening the provider relationship. Lockdown restrictions left biotech marketers scrambling to come up with a way to continue important educational programs. Many transitioned to virtual events, using food delivery platforms such as UberEats to deliver dinner to physicians during streamed dinner programs.

Large virtual events also changed radically. All scientific and medical conferences have had to go virtual. Biotech companies who participate in conferences have to turn to video presentations and webinars with Key Opinion Leads and experts.

The Rise of the Webinar

Before the pandemic began, one study found 73% of sales and marketing reps found webinars to be one of the most reliable methods for generating quality leads. Additionally, the number of webinars (both live-streamed and pre-recorded) has greatly increased. 

One advantage to video presentations and webinars is the ease at which they can be reused for future marketing. For example, you could send a link to potential customers who could not attend the conference or event.  They now have the on-demand video to catch up with. 

With reduced face-to-face sales efforts, Webinars and video presentations have exploded. They have helped biotech teams fill selling gaps with well-produced pre-recorded Webinars and presentations.

Best Practices for Virtual Events and Webinars

While pivoting to video has been great for biotech and life sciences companies, it won’t work if improperly executed. The noisy home office environment is a major challenge. To combat these challenges, you’ll want to optimize your video content to increase engagement.

For example, you can share actionable tips and provide a preview of upcoming content. You’re delivering value right away and offering a solution your viewer will want to stick around for.  

Unfortunately, some companies do not create a short teaser video or promotional video to drive interest in the virtual event. Think of this as a movie trailer for your video event. This is a great way to build some buzz while piquing the viewers’ interest or curiosity. These can be created by utilizing video clips from the featured video.

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The Product Launch Reimagined Due to COVID

Due to COVID, many product marketing teams with planned product launches were forced to go back and rework launch plans. Traditionally, product launches take place at large medical conferences. Product teams are forced to use virtual strategies to reimagine their launch plans.

One useful tactic for an effective launch at a virtual conference is to create an engaging reveal video. The goal of a product reveals video is to pique curiosity and build suspense among virtual conference attendees. This is accomplished while leveraging subsequent sponsored sessions to provide more in-depth product details.

We have witnessed many of our biotech clients having to pivot and adjust their marketing plans due to COVID. The pandemic has forced many marketers out of their comfort zones and pushed them to quickly try new ideas. Here’s to keeping that mindset and courage to try new marketing ideas. To learn more about utilizing digital content creation and promotion to grow or scale your biotechnology company, contact [email protected].