If you’re involved with digital marketing, you understand the importance of creating engaging and compelling video content for attracting and retaining customers. But, creating a singular video can have positive impacts on your organization beyond just the initial posting and sharing of that video.

Here are eight creative ways to repurpose your video content to maximize your return on investment:

Create a Video Library

If you’ve created multiple videos, consider re-purposing all your video content in a library on your website. The advantage of doing this? Make sure every great piece of video content lasts well past its expiration date. You will have one place you can send your new and existing customers for all your video content. You won’t have to go digging through old social media posts for a specific link when you need it. Your videos are more than just a one-time piece of content. They can also serve as a foundation for a catalog of great information your customers will find extremely valuable.

Capture the Audio File for a Podcast

While your video makes for compelling visual content, it may have a message that resonates with podcast listeners as well. If your video features strong messaging, it may make sense to re-post the audio file as a podcast. This can be uploaded to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or a variety of other podcasting services. It’s a great way to connect with your audience as the podcast medium continues to grow in popularity. 74% of consumers listen to podcasts to learn something new.

Transcribe It for a Blog Post

Using the transcript of your video can give you a text file full of great content. With a little editing, you can use this as a future post for your organization’s blog.

There are multiple directions you can take with this. You can either post the transcript itself, edited for clarity, with attribution to each speaker along with the embedded video. Or, you can prepare a brief summary of the content in a blog post format. This would give you an opportunity to hit on all the key points discussed during the video. It will, however, allow you to omit anything — pleasantries or additional conversation — that doesn’t apply to the topic at hand.

Re-Edit It for Multiple Channels

Consider for a moment that you’ve created a great video for your website demonstrating how well your product or service works. Why not consider using it for other platforms as well? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all great platforms for video. With Facebook and LinkedIn, you’ll be able to post the unedited video in its entirety – though you may want to condense it for the sake of brevity. With Twitter and Instagram, you can edit out some bite-size clips from the video to post to a tweet or to an Instagram post/story.

Use Clips for Another Video

If you decide to create another video that also touches on an original video’s topic, you can remove clips from the original and insert it into another one. This can help reinforce your point or the fact that your company is an expert on a specific topic.

A good example of this is if someone from your organization gives a speech or presentation. Let’s say you’re a doctor or some other type of medical expert giving a talk on an issue in your field. Posting a video of this is a great idea. If you decide to do a second video a few months later on the same topic, now you have a resource to draw on with guidance from a medical expert. This makes for a great healthcare video that can be used, re-used, and shared. Conveniently, the expert you’re turning to just so happens to work for your organization. That’s great from a branding perspective — having a medical video other organizations are citing.

Use Stills from the Video for Social Media Posting

Within your videos, you may have images that are just too perfect not to share. Posting images of your company — the people, places, and products — is a great way to spread the message about what you do. Your videos are chock full of great images.

Rather than investing more money into a photographer, you can capture high-resolution images from your videos. Then, post them to your social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Incorporate it into your email marketing campaign

If you have an email list (and if you don’t, you really should!), you’ll want to stay in touch with the people on it regularly with great video content. This content should emphasize your organization’s unique selling point. You can incorporate videos into your email marketing strategy as well.

Once you’ve produced a great video for one platform or channel, you can then craft an email around it and send it to all your contacts. This will include producing copy about the video and why it’s relevant to your audience. A brief overview of what they can expect to see and why the video is valuable is also important. This has a two-pronged effect. It allows you to re-purpose your content for a different channel while also increasing the engagement with your video content. It’s a win-win.

Integrate it into your recruiting materials

Producing great video content can have a lot of positive side effects for your company. Maybe it showcases your awesome workspaces, winning company culture, and examples of how successful your product or service is. All of these things are things you’ll want to signal boost to top candidates in your industry as you look to add talent to your ranks.

Taking clips from all your videos and inserting them into a video specially made for recruiting is a great way to do this. You can post it to your website’s “careers” or “about” section. This way, people looking for more information on your company will have video evidence of how wonderful it is.

The bottom line is that creating a great video for your organization can have compounding effects. If you think creatively and re-use it in multiple ways, you can get even more value out of an already valuable marketing asset.

If you are interested in maximizing the value you get out of your videos, consider hiring a digital marketing firm. These firms should know the ins and outs of all things video marketing related. Your best option is Digivid360. For more on the many ways we can help, contact us today!