When it comes to video marketing, every marketer needs an immediate win.

And the way to do that is to invest in videos that are conversion-focused.

Video is used for many marketing purposes – from building awareness and generating engagement. But when you want an immediate conversion response, there are some specific types of videos that will bring a quicker ROI.

Conversions are achieved through getting your audience to do something or take a particular action. These conversions can range from downloading white papers to requesting a demo of your products. These actions can often result in leads converting into customers online or even in your offline business.

Videos that immediately convert show immediate value. To do this, they must spark an interest in the audience’s mind – “I need that!”

When done right, these kinds of videos bring maximum bang for your buck right at the start of your video marketing strategy paving the way for upper funnel content marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the key elements and types of conversion videos based on distribution location:

Website Landing Page

These pages are designed with conversion as a goal and at the bottom of the funnel, marketers need to consider – what are the final needs of the audience? What are they really looking for?  How can your video content help meet that need?

Here are some video ideas and tips to get immediate conversion:

  • A Product video or Product Demonstration videos are a great way to show what your product is and how it works. At this point in the sales funnel your video content must closely align with your product while coaxing your audience to cross over into becoming a customer.
  • This is achieved through understanding your audience and where they are in the buyer’s journey and what they need to hear next. Deliver video content which speaks to your audience in the language they understand with concepts they follow easily. And most importantly – address their pain points.
  • The content of your video must provide an immediate benefit to their problems, perhaps by comparing your product and positioning your brand as superior, or by addressing that one final objection that they may have, and building a story around it while boosting their confidence in making a purchase decision with your brand.
  • Explainer videos work well if the product is slightly complex to understand. It speaks directly to the ideal user and answers that one question which bothers them.
  • Grab their attention quickly, within the first five seconds of the video. One fifth of viewers click off a video if they don’t find it interesting. This comes down to crafting an interesting hook like introducing the problem your audience experiences and offering a promise of a solution – making your audience curious about finding out more, or starting off with an element of surprise in your story or using arresting imagery to keep your audience interested.
  • Weave a story about the content you are presenting rather than making a sales pitch. One way to do that is to address a pain point right at the beginning of your story and make it seem real for the viewer at which point they are ready for a solution.
  • Manage audience expectation by getting down to the gist of the information right at the onset of the video and matching the video production quality with audience expectation of your brand. For example, a video shot on an iPhone is probably not in alignment with a top-tier brand.
  • Emotions are the key drivers in most purchase decisions and one way to relate to your audience is hearing about your product through a story told by your happy existing customers.
  • Customer Testimonial videos present an emotional connection and a story-based hook. They feel like they know the customers who are telling their story about your brand. Case study videos provide the social proof needed for your audience to take the action required of them.
  • Even if you have great content, you will not increase conversions if your audience doesn’t know what to do next. Clearly, indicate what action is required of them through persuasive copy and by placing a call-to action like a clickable button with text or a clickable image which takes them to the next steps.

Social Media Videos

As consumers get more active on social media, marketers should not ignore the power of videos on these platforms.

Here are some video ideas and tips to get an immediate conversion with social media videos:

  • Short promotional product videos work well on social media – from product demonstration to solving a specific audience -related problem. As attention spans get smaller and the audience looks to scan and consume as much media in the shortest possible time on these platforms, short videos enable them to quickly get the gist of your video content.
  • With video advertising, marketers can influence their audience through eye-catching content and visual story-telling. Advertising videos are easily accepted by users as part of all social media content and are inherently shareable with additional features for more interactivity.
  • Like all your marketing initiatives, video ads need to be A/B tested. This means creating a few different ones to see which ones your audience responds to best before you roll out the video campaign.
  • How-to videos are excellent in answering your viewer’s prime question which stops them from becoming a buyer. You show them a video on how their problem is solved or how to learn something and this addresses their prime buyer intent – the reason why they will buy your product or service.
  • Use the platform’s native video player. If you are posting on Facebook, use the Facebook video player instead of posting a link to a YouTube video. Several studies have shown that Facebook will reward those that use their video platform.  LinkedIn also just released a native video player, use it.

Using videos on social media are the norm now. They are pretty much required if you are a business wanting to be seen on social media. There are all types of videos that can be created for social media posting but the one that do the best are the ones that keep that particular audience in mind. Not to mention the proper video marketing strategy to take full advantage of the conversion tools on each of the platforms.

This can be a lot to navigate. If you goal is to convert your audience immediately, we recommend help form professionals that can help to make that happen.

As you can see, there are specific video marketing best practices on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. We can help you navigate this to get the best performance.

Contact us today if you have any questions.