Creating high-quality digital videos are important, but the real benefits come when you can actively promote your videos and get them in front of a large audience. Luckily, videos are very easy to promote compared to other forms of content and are excellent for sharing across multiple channels.

If you would like to increase the reach of your video marketing efforts and better understand how your audience is interacting with your videos, follow these tips.

Use Video to Compliment Other Content

Video content doesn’t have to be stand-alone to be effective. You can use video content to complement other content that you have published.

Remember, a good portion of your audience will be able to better retain information they watch, rather than read. There are quite a few easy ways in which you can use video content to complement other content that your business has published.

  • Blog post additions: The next time that you publish a long, in-depth blog post, ask yourself if there are subjects or areas within the article that would be improved with a simple video. Take a piece of information and expand on it in the video to further drive home important points and make your post, as a whole, more interactive.
  • Email marketing: Your audience loves it when you email them helpful hints and advice, but even more effective if you email them in-depth videos about subjects they are interested in.
  • Sales copy: High-quality videos can greatly improve the sales copy of your website and help establish a personal connection with your audience. Injecting videos that explain complicated aspects of your product or service can be an excellent idea.

Be creative with the ways in which you use video. Try to find ways to inject video that your audience will love.

Let Your Audience Guide You

Not sure what kind of videos you would like to create? Start with the questions that your prospects typically ask your sales team. These are the questions that you know that your audience already has about your product or service and would make the perfect subject for a marketing video. This allows you to overcome questions and concerns quickly and efficiently.

Use Analytics and Measure Results

It is impossible to know how your audience is interacting with your video without using analytics. Video analytics can help you to determine how long your viewers watch the video, where they skip ahead to, and whether or not they are interacting with the calls to action throughout the video.

Most importantly, analytics help you understand how the video viewer audience converted compared to those that did not watch a video. This can be an effective measurement when deciding on creating more videos. You can then start to get more sophisticated in analytics and create more videos that have the most impact on your audience.


Publish on Multiple Platforms and Channels

Publish any video that you create across multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. Treat video platforms like social networks and interact with other industry influencers to gain access to their audience. Interacting with these influencers will help you to reach that wider audience, but it is important to focus on delivering content that your audience wants and seeks.

Videos also have great utility across your digital channels. We have already discussed email marketing but you can also use it for SEO and paid advertising.

Create a Sharing Strategy

As with any phase of digital marketing, you have to go into video marketing with a plan. Know where and when you want to promote the video, who each video will be for, and what purpose the video will serve. A sharing strategy is essential for reaching a wider audience and targeting influencers who can help your video be seen.


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