The cannabis industry is growing but still complex. As regulation begins to soften around the nation, stigmas still exist in some parts of the country. Widespread half-truths and myths can cloud the judgment of some prospective customers, hurting your business. Other restrictions still in place — ones around advertising or your potential customers’ limiting beliefs — also exist.

One way to help grow your cannabis business is by leveraging the advantages of video content to promote your company. There are numerous benefits to using video to help grow your business. Video marketing can allow you to:

  • Eliminate common misconceptions surrounding cannabis.
  • Appeal to interested but hesitant demographics.
  • Boost your message using search engine optimization.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader in the cannabis industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how each of these components can be accomplished with a video marketing strategy.

Eliminate Common Misconceptions Surrounding Cannabis

Cannabis may already have a built-in audience who understand its benefits. But as its acceptance grows, there is also an untapped market of users who may be apprehensive of using cannabis due to common (and mistaken) misconceptions surrounding it.

Myths around ideas such as cannabis being a “gateway drug” or cannabis having unintended medical side effects can still hurt the sale of your product. To help your customers better understand what cannabis really represents, you need to combat these dangerous and incorrect notions.

Videos are a great way to overcome any myths and half-truths circulating around your product. You can develop patient or customer education videos that tackle these myths, addressing exactly why they’re wrong. Cite well-documented clinical and scientific facts to prove your point. A well-executed series of videos that show users their fears are unfounded can go a long way to win new business.

Videos posted to social media can also help address misconceptions. While the cannabis industry is restricted from using social media to promote its products, they can use it for educational purposes. Educational video content is highly effective at attracting consumers through organic search.

Appeal to Interested but Hesitant Demographics

Along with users who may misunderstand the benefits of cannabis, there may be users who are enthusiastic about it but still hesitant to partake. They may not hold onto any incorrect assumptions, but they’re still wary of using it due to the social stigmas they perceive around it.

Videos can have a powerful impact in helping to reverse these stigmas. As legislation surrounding the sale and use of cannabis develops, you can produce videos covering these developments. You can provide an analysis of the impact of the legislation. This can demonstrate to your audience that the use of cannabis is increasing in acceptance and regularity. You can also set up Google alerts to notify you as changes happen in the industry. Then, you can post a video to your social media channels explaining the ramifications of them.

Doing this will help encourage customers who may have reservations. You’ll break down powerful, decades-old biases and give the “shy” demographic the perspective and confidence they need to pursue cannabis.

Boost Your Message Using Search Engine Optimization

One of the drawbacks of the cannabis industry is that many limitations still exist in your ability to advertise. Regulations vary by state, but look at one state, California, for an example on the type of regulations that exist:

“Chapter 15 of California’s Proposition 64 outlines restrictions for advertising marijuana. Radio, cable, print, and digital ads can only be displayed where at least 71.6% of the audience is expected to be over the age of 21. This is determined by the most recent audience composition data.”

These restrictions can obviously be a major hurdle as you attempt to spread the message of all the benefits of cannabis to your customers. That’s why you’ll need to get creative, and that’s where video — and more specifically, search engine optimization (SEO) — is the best method for outreach.

You can produce videos and label them with targeted keywords to organically attract the attention of Internet users searching for the terms associated with your product. This isn’t just a clever way to speak to like-minded potential customers. With some of the boundaries in place around cannabis advertising, it’s a necessity.

You can create user testimonials in which you interview customers that enjoyed and found great value in your product, demonstrating its unique selling point. These videos don’t just have to be strictly promotional for your product. They can also give your customers valuable information about the use of cannabis. Becoming a trusted authority on the subject has its business advantages (more on that below).

SEO boosts your message by bringing you an audience that is already looking for your solution. They just need to know that your product is the best one for them. Videos that include the right keywords can do just that.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader in the Cannabis Industry

Video is great for promoting your product, but that’s not all it can do. Why limit yourself to promoting your specific product when you can create videos that show the value of your brand? By demonstrating your expertise, you can build trust in your customers and show why you’re a thought leader in the cannabis industry.

You can use frequently asked questions as a guide to creating videos that speak to new and experienced cannabis customers alike. Here are just a few examples of videos you can create to establish your authority in the cannabis space:

  • Provide a “virtual tour” of your storefront, showing how it works to help ease the intimidation of first-time customers.
  • A guide to the various delivery methods (edibles, vaping, etc.) and their benefits.
  • A walkthrough of the process of buying cannabis.
  • Discuss how the product is developed and manufactured.
  • Interview additional experts within the industry who may not be directly associated with your company, but who can lend their expertise to your brand.

By creating educational videos, you’re not just positioning yourself as a thought leader — although that’s a definite benefit. You’re also informing in a way that’s creating new customers. As potential customers learn from you, they’ll begin to trust you as a valid source of information. Trust is an important metric when customers are deciding who to buy from.

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