If you have made the decision to make a video, the next step can be the scariest – finding an affordable, experienced, quality company to create the video. Let’s face it, most people are not well versed in video production or video marketing. So, it’s understandable that the vetting process can be daunting. Here are a few pointers to help get you started with finding the right fit for your organization.

Ask for links to a minimum of five videos in their portfolio similar to the type of video you want the prospective company to produce for you. While watching the videos, take notice if there are multiple cameras used. You can tell if multiple cameras are used based on the video cutting away to different angles versus remaining in one place. Determine if there are good shot transitions by how easily you follow the video when various camera angles or other transitions happen. Check the quality of lighting to see if you can clearly see the subject without shadows, or unintentional coloring that was not color corrected within editing. Lastly, listen for audio clarity (not muffled or with overpowering background noise) and consistent volume throughout the video. After review, determine if their previous work meets the standard of quality you are looking for on your project.

Find out how long it will take to get the first round (rough cut) of your video after the film shoot. Confirm that this timing will work within your own scheduling and be sure to leave turn-around time for review and feedback for multiple edits. Generally, you should have your rough cuts to review within 7 days. This timing may vary depending on how many days your film shoot takes.

Find out the process the prospective video production company uses to communicate the status of your video with you. Do they use email, phone calls, or texting to update you on the status of your project? Or do they offer you access to software that allows you to look at the status, comments, and plan for your project 24/7 like we do? Again, there is no right or wrong answer to this. The bottom line is that you will be working closely together for a month or longer and you need to be sure that you establish the communication expectation and frequency that will make you feel comfortable.

Ask what value adds or tips they offer about their services to maximize your video budget. For example, is it possible to combine multiple project shoots into one day to save you from paying the crew and talent for multiple days? Not only do we incorporate those tactics at every opportunity we get, we also take photos during our film shoots to provide our clients additional materials for promotion, social, or internally. Above all, if they care about a long-term relationship with your organization, the video production company should treat your budget as if it’s their own, and make every penny count.

Find out if the prospective video production company has crews in other geographical locations. This is extremely helpful and relevant if you want to capture customer testimonials, cover a trade show or event, or change the landscape. Certainly most production companies will travel to meet those needs. However, having crews throughout the nation is a big money and time saver for our clients. They love the convenience and savings this affords them to use on more projects. If they do have crews in other geographical locations, make sure the video marketing company you are working with is leading the project with the remote crew by producing and directing to ensure consistency with your other projects.

When you take the time to properly vet a video production company, you will be able to maximize your budget and find the quality, expertise, and relationship that fits your organization like a glove. The right fit will ultimately be an extension of your in-house efforts and an essential advantage to your team. Happy vetting!


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