The Power of Video is Undeniable

Marketers agree: online video is the preferred channel to deliver content. Video has revolutionized how people create their websites, interact with their customers, and has continued the evolution of social networking sites. For example, Facebook’s decision to underline the importance of video demonstrates that social media knows that this sort of content marketing is the way of the future.

It doesn’t take much to understand why this is so – video provides a lot of information in personal way. Its delivery is immediate, entertaining, and when properly done; they are highly relevant to a customer’s need.

For advertisers, video gives creatives the freedom to push their ideas farther than TV ever did. But different from TV, brands need to produce work that people want to see, that they’ll watch over and over again, and share with friends.

There is a lot of white noise on the Internet; for you to reinforce your engagement metrics it is important that you grab your audience’s attention within a couple of seconds. A study revealed that online visitors who viewed highly targeted videos were more than 64% likely to actual follow the sales funnel and purchase something. As a small business owner, you will be doing yourself a disservice to not invest in video marketing.

Invest in video and be part of:

  • A group of competent companies that know how to leverage the benefits of video marketing. One-third of corporations produce dozens upon dozens of videos per year, which is a strong juxtaposition to the 4 to 5% of small and medium companies. Stay ahead of your competitors as a proprietor by investing in video. Do this strategically by partnering with a video marketing team that can help you do more with less.
  • Better Awareness, Improved Conversion and Higher ROI. 70% of companies note that video performs better than any other form of content when it comes to conversions. For the best return of investment, online video seems to be the preferred medium.

Using Video Reviews To Relate and Build Trust with Customers

Many businesses – large and small – use video testimonials and reviews to emphasize how their product is better than their competitors. Online video allows you to build the reputation of your business. Many people are familiar with written reviews – websites like Amazon are built upon public opinions on particular tangible products. However, written reviews do not bring the product to life.

Yes, when compared to written content, video production can potentially be initially expensive, however, you create a face to your business with your style of editing your video, you better showcase the features of your products, and you help nurture trust between your company and customers.

Video is naturally more interesting than written content. Video is able to capture the attention of your customers. Video is also highly versatile; you can use popular video hosting sites like YouTube to play your videos, send videos via e-newsletters, and place video testimonials right on your web properties to communicate relevance and product features to potential customers.

Also, note that people are more likely to watch a longer video than read long-form articles. Always be open to feedback from customers, negative or positive. By fixing any potential issues, you can tantalize interested parties and convert their interest into actual sales.

Tips for Video Testimonials

  • Make sure that your testimonial video does not pass the three-minute mark. There may be certain instances where long videos may be appropriate, but for video testimonials, keep it short, highly focused, and succinct.
  • Focus on the Product, Not The Customer. The review should focus specifically on the product itself and not the person or persons in the video. Understand that there is a difference between injecting a personal opinion and injecting a persona. The review should be as balanced and authentic.
  • Do not be married to your initial concept. Note that there may be aspects of your video campaign that may not stick with your customers. Underline aspects of your efforts that reap positive results. Testimonial videos may work well if you focus on the speaker, or it may work better if you span over your product while the speaker speaks about your product. Stay flexible.
  • After seeing how successful video testimonials can be, you may want to include video in your marketing efforts. Extract inspiration from social engagement. If a string of comments and emails echo the same grievances, then there may be an opportunity for you to create video to help solve their issue. This will give your brand an authoritative voice.

To learn how to strategically build your video marketing program, contact us. We underline the importance of strategy to successful deploy video for success.


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