Example A: Provider Profile (2017), Creator: Unknown

Example B: Provider Profile (2019), Creator: DigiVid360


Many people underestimate how much work goes into a great interview video and expect it to be as simple as putting someone against a white background and hitting the record button. Creating something visually interesting is just one part of making a compelling interview video. It is equally, if not more important to be a skillful interviewer or you risk having your subject come across inauthentically.

One of the big reasons people don’t do video is because it’s uncomfortable. Most people hate the thought of it. Most people are very critical of themselves. There is a skill in being able to ease that feeling and bringing out a little personality. Breaking the ice with the provider is essential to the whole process. Besides making the interviewee feel comfortable, there are other strategic ways to alleviate some of the anxiety. Using B-Roll can be a great way to alleviate some of the pressure of an interview.

The Case for B-Roll

Using supportive footage (B-Roll) not only adds interesting visual context to a video but it takes the pressure off of the KOL to carry all of the weight of interest for the viewer. B-Roll helps tell the story of who they are, show versus tell, which is what the medium is all about. 

On top of B-roll, using two cameras for the interview shots allows you to switch between shots during the editing process, allowing for a more diverse and flattering combination of shots.

Compare and Contrast

For the last year we’ve been collaborating with Abrazo Medical Group on the enormous task of creating profile videos for the bulk of their providers (we’ve created 184 videos so far). Above you will see Example A and Example B. Example A is a video rolled out by Abrazo in 2017 and Example B is a video rolled out by Abrazo in collaboration with us (DigiVid360) in 2019. The videos, when compared, serve as a great example for the difference in approach with the same content. You can decide which one is better.

Key Differences:

A key difference between the two videos is the use of B-Roll. B-Roll’s main function is to give the viewer a more dynamic view of the subject and environment. Another important function is to help smooth transitions in editing. When we put together Example B, we edited out the interviewers voice and any moments that weren’t relevant to the story. If we didn’t have B-Roll, this editing would create a choppy effect as seen in Example A. Instead of using one camera for the interview as seen in Example A, we used two cameras so we could shift between the shots to create a diversity of images or to get rid of any unflattering angles.

Instead of using a stark studio background like in Example A, we filmed Abrazo’s providers within their practice setting so there was a sense of familiarity and comfortability for the provider; this also allows the prospective patient to become familiar with the space.

This provider talks about her dog in both videos and the thought of him clearly sparks joy for her. We saw that he was an important part of her life so we conducted the interview with him and we think it made for a much brighter, happier video, I mean, who doesn’t like dogs?

In Summary:

Creating an interesting, dynamic profile video takes a lot of moving parts. How successful the video is as much technical as it is putting your subject at ease and understanding them at a deeper level. Using B-Roll can change the game when it comes to alleviating pressure off of the interviewee and giving great, extra visual context for the viewer. Every situation is different and nothing should be approached as a formula but keeping these methods in mind can make all of the difference in your outcome. Which provider did you like more?

What We’ve Heard From Abrazo:  

“The DigiVid team is wonderful at making our featured healthcare providers feel at ease during the filming and interview session.  I received a ton of great feedback from many of our providers about the filming experience and how pleased they were with their finished videos.”

Michelle Witte, Practice Marketing Manager at Abrazo Medical Group

Learn More About Creating an Effective Profile Video

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