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The Healthcare Industry Needs More Video!

At the core of most healthcare marketing is the need to educate. This means educating healthcare professionals and consumers, and it also extends to patients, caregivers, clinicians and healthcare networks.

Video is a dynamic utility in the healthcare space to help humanize your brand. Whether you are a healthcare provider who wants to reach new patients and providers or a medical device company wanting to reach health networks, videos provide an engaging way to demonstrate and connect with your audience.

There’s no better platform to evoking emotion or telling a story than video! Doctors and patients alike are seeking help and information that can improve care. Likewise, audiences are turning to thought leaders in the industry to provide quality information. For these reasons, the need to develop a relevant and engaging video that integrates seamlessly into your existing marketing and communication plan is only increasing.

Creating relevant videos on a frequent basis efficiently provides a way to communicate this important information. Not only a great way to become known for providing helpful health information, but it’s also a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Integrate Video into Your Overall Marketing Plan

Developing videos that integrate into your overall marketing and content plan on an on-going basis is challenging. For marketers, this is just one more thing you are tasked with and may not have the time, specialized skills or internal resources to accommodate.

This is where DigiVid360 can help! We have 30+ years of experience with healthcare, digital and video marketing combined with a medical advisory team that can provide expert guidance for any project.

Here is how DigiVid360 can help improve your video marketing strategy:

checkmark21   Develop easily leveraged videos across digital tactics (web, search, email, social)
checkmark21   Develop videos which can be repurposed to engage with different stakeholders (Healthcare Professionals, Patients, Caregivers)
checkmark21   Draw upon our extensive past experience working with healthcare providers, medical device, pharmaceutical, and Molecular Diagnostics companies to enhance the messaging and delivery
checkmark21   Help deploy your video assets on your video player, social outpost, or optimize for good organic search on your website
checkmark21   Utilize local video production partners in the market where the video project needs to be filmed
checkmark21   Provide turn-key service so that we become your virtual video marketing department, able to respond quickly and turn video projects around quickly

Here are some ideas on how to use videos to

Get the attention of a physician

Types of Healthcare Videos

Here is just a sample of the types of healthcare related video projects we develop every day:

checkmark   Key Opinion Leader Videos
checkmark   Testimonials
checkmark   Short Length Q&A Libraries
checkmark   Medical Animation 2D and 3D
checkmark   Sales Team Video Libraries
checkmark   Medical Documentaries
checkmark   Support Videos
checkmark   Conference Videos

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