Video is an effective way to get the attention of a physician. Attention that may not have been obtained otherwise. You have to stand out and be noticed. Video is a great way to do just that.

Physician Access
is an Increasing

With new tests being introduced monthly, an increase in the number of sales reps and ongoing changes in healthcare, it is difficult to get the attention of a physician. Doctors and physicians continue to turn away from face-to-face visits and are looking to digital channels to get this information.

Diagnostic sales and marketing must adopt an integrated approach, which uses several alternative digital methods to capture and keep a doctor’s attention.

One of those highly effective methods is the use of email with video.

Consider adding video into your introductory email.

Why Video and
Email are

Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider using video in your first email outreach to a doctor:

  • Emails with “video” in the subject line boost open rates 20% –Invodo
  • Introductory email click-through rates increase 96% when video is included -Implix Email Marketing Survey
  • Video can reach levels of 65% retention compared to only 10% from text -Comscore
  • It’s not likely a method your competition is using, yet

Ideas For the Types of Videos to Use

Here are some ideas for the types of videos that you could use in an introductory email:

  • Leverage thought-leaders in your industry to introduce what you are offering. This is a great way to “catch” their attention
  • Show information about your company that could only be understood if they visited in person (your laboratory, scientists, state-of-the-art equipment, etc.)
  • Create a short product overview video which quickly differentiates your test, while highlighting how your test can solve common pain points from the physician’s perspective

Call to Action

At the end of the video, consider allowing them to do a little more research on their own. Don’t go for the “buy it now” or “contact me” option just yet (they have your email address now so they could do it if they wanted to). At the end of the video, let them:

  • Discover more about the technology behind your tests by including a link to that information on your website
  • Download 3rd-party materials that validate your offering
  • Watch more videos

This will increase your likelihood of getting in the door and having a discussion with the person you have been trying to reach. And when they do respond, they will likely be more educated when that discussion occurs because you have allowed them to research and learn. This will move them down the path of purchase/adoption quicker because you will be able to address their top concerns in that first meeting.

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