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Physician Testimonial – Long Format
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In this video, Dr. Schofield shares her experience with working with APS patients. This video serves as an introduction to physicians who may not understand the difficulty of diagnosing this disease without the proper test panels being ordered.  It is often misdiagnosed as another autoimmune disease including Lupus or Multiple Sclerosis. 

To create this video, we started with a pre-interview phone call and scheduled time to meet with her in person in Denver, CO.  We went to her office for her convenience and to establish a personable context. The video was conducted interview style and we cut out our questions for the final product. We supplemented the interview footage with b-roll to provide more context and interest for the viewer.

This video will be used by the Inova Diagnostics team to help other physicians learn more about APS and autoimmune disease testing. 


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