Physician Profile

Create a Connection with a Doctor

Wanting to create a connection with a cancer doctor, we brought together Dr. Curley’s story.

A son of two doctors, he shares his desire to be a “community doctor” to help people around him. And he’s not only a doctor but also volunteers with his service dog, Princess Danger, providing love to patients.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is emotionally charged, both for the patient and their support circle. Yet, it is at this precise moment that they must make decisions about where they will be treated. The role of this video is to provide peace of mind and create a connection with the doctor. Many of these important decisions are made before entering the doctor’s office. This video will help patients feel comfortable reaching out to have an important conversation with the doctor.

This video was posted on the Why HonorHealth page. As well as on their Facebook page.

This project included interviews with the doctor and b-roll of the doctor interacting with patients, with friends and family, and in the community.

A full video package that allowed the HonorHealth Marketing and Communications team to share the love and personality of their doctors within the community.




Live Interview

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