Patient Testimonial

Heart Patient Testimonial

An amazing advancement in heart surgery, a fully dissolvable heart stent. HonorHealth’s patient, Doug, was the first in the US to receive the FDA-approved fully bioresorbable heart stent.

Doug had previously received a traditional metal stent but is now looking forward to a new technological health advancement for his next heart stent.  This stent will dissolve fully in about 3 years, allowing his artery regain its full function again.  His procedure was performed at HonorHealth Shea medical center.

This video was produced to help tell the patient testimonial story on the HonorHealth website.

Beyond this video, there were also TV advertisement spots, social media videos and a media b-roll package that was put together as part of the launch campaign.

This project included interviews with the patient, surgeon and the chief executive of their research institute. Beyond the interviews were b-roll of the doctor and patient interacting, capturing of the surgery procedure itself as well as a press conference.

A full video package that allowed the HonorHealth Marketing and Communications team to utilize various types of video as part of their new product announcement.




Live Interview

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