Patient Education

Genetic Screening
Myriad Women’s Health

This video provides an excellent overview of pre-natal genetic screening and diagnostics in general, as well as the specific tests that Myriad Women’s Health offers. 

It functions as a great piece of educational content because it is packed with infographics and supplementary voiceover to guide the viewer along the way.

To make this video, we took the physical, static version of the educational flip-book that Myriad Women’s Health provided us with and translated it into an animated flip-book. We added voiceover to create a learning experience that is both auditory and visual.

To get even more use out of this long-form video, we created short chapter videos as well as non-branded versions that physician practices could use to educate their patients.

This video was also translated into Spanish to aid in the education of Spanish-speaking patients.


Motion Graphics

Spanish Chapter Video

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