Video Marketing in Six Days

The course that will guide you through each step of the video creation process


In our 6-day email course, you’ll learn:

  • How to decide which video to make
  • Preparation for your pre-production processes
  • Making your on-set experience the smoothest possible
  • Strategically distributing your video for maximum results
  • How to improve your content using video analytics
  • Integrating your video within your marketing automation

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    Many B2B organizations are using video in their marketing campaigns. Why? Video is a very effective tool for engaging customers.

    From product overviews to customer testimonials, the utility of video marketing is essential to converting, informing, and branding.

    Video creates a human connection on social media and on your website in a way that images and text can’t.

    Not sure where to start? This email series will help you learn and elevate your video marketing strategy.