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How to Attract Your Audience With Video


In an ideal world, your audience would make that step all by themselves. Unfortunately, life isn’t quite that simple!

Today’s businesses, perhaps more than ever before, need to reach out beyond their own platforms to find and engage an audience.

By successfully attracting your audience, you’ll build brand awareness and generate traffic to your website and other online channels. Here are some great tips that can lead to big things for your business!

2021 Video in Business Benchmark Report


There’s no question that 2020 was the year of video and we’ve got video benchmarks to prove it.

The move to digital-first work has translated to a digital-first approach in the way we connect with prospects, customers, and each other. Whether it’s through live Zoom calls, virtual event experiences, or asynchronous video messaging—the use of video exploded in 2020.

That’s why we created the fourth annual Video in Business Benchmark Report, which analyzes business’ use of video to support sales, marketing, and communication efforts.

Content Marketing Writing Secrets

Content Marketing Institute

Mastering content marketing writing takes time and practice. No magic formula can guarantee creative ideas. No technology automatically turns rough drafts into polished content that keeps audiences hanging on your every word and asking for more. But you can improve. With this guide, you can make your content marketing writing better … stronger … faster.

How to Support Your Prospects, Customers & Team With Video


Generating a new lead, winning a new customer, or making a new hire isn’t the end of your audience journey. If you don’t support these people once they’re in place, there’s a real risk that all of your hard work could go to waste. Avoid these pitfalls with these great support tips.

State of Marketing


Insights and trends from over 4,100 marketing leaders worldwide on cross-functional dynamics, data, personalization, and new standards of engagement that are inspiring and challenging marketers.

2019 Video in Business Benchmark Report


Findings based on first-hand data collected from a sample of Vidyard customers, including more than 324,000 videos over a 12-month period, from Jan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2018.

YouTube Optimization Guide


A tactical guide to getting your videos to rank and be seen. You know the statistics: YouTube is the second-biggest search engine in the world but just being on YouTube isn’t good enough. You need to be ranked. That means understanding YouTube’s goals, optimizing your videos and setting up your YouTube channel for success. Let’s get started.

State of Video Marketing 2019


Every year seems to be “The Year of Video” over the past decade. This report lays out the trends and plenty of other findings. This includes statistics around usage, spending, effectiveness, consumer perceptions, the latest trends – and some pretty surprising data that challenges the common consensus around the importance of vertical video.