How to Create Effective Medical Marketing Videos – Every. Time.

How to create effective medical marketing videos

This video training covers actionable tips for making effective medical marketing videos, such as:
  • Busting common myths.
  • Mistakes many medical providers make with video.
  • A 3-step process for creating effective videos.
  • Getting more for your video investment.

Most companies today understand the power of a good marketing video and are using video.

The fact that more companies are employing a video strategy means you have to create really effective medical marketing videos to truly differentiate and be effective.

With so many more marketing videos being produced, it’s vital to incorporate solid strategy and planning to create video content that aligns with your audience, tells a compelling story that holder your viewers attention, and starts to build trust.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry – help has arrived.

You need to watch our new video: “3 Steps To Improving Your Medical Marketing Videos: Be memorable, connect and build trust with your buyers.”

Here’s what you can expect.

Busting common myths

In the video, we’ll look at two of the most common myths about video marketing:

  1. Video marketing is expensive.
  2. You can use anyone with a camera.

And you’ll learn why they aren’t true.You’ll also discover why video marketing is more cost-effective than you think – and why asking a lone videographer to help is NOT a good idea.

Mistakes medical companies make with video

Many medical companies are throwing money away on videos that aren’t resonating with their audiences.In the training, you’ll learn more about the four common mistakes healthcare organizations make with their videos:

  1. Creating videos in isolation or as one-offs.
  2. Failing to take the proper steps to plan and prepare for filming.
  3. Using a “talking head.”
  4. Not using sufficient B-roll to help tell the story.

A 3-step process for creating highly-effective medical videos

There’s a process involved in making medical videos that actually fulfill their intended purpose. The training video walks you through each of these three steps in detail. The process covers:

  1. Planning
  2. Storytelling
  3. Amplification

You’ll also learn how to implement each step so that your video engages your audience and provides a solution to their problem.And we offer some pro tips for maximizing your medical marketing video, such as:

  • Identifying versioning opportunities within your interviews.
  • Maximizing your film day.
  • Keeping and maintaining a video inventory.

Create a medical marketing video that works

Are you ready to pull the trigger on getting the most out of your medical marketing videos? Watch our training now by clicking on the image below.

And get all the info you need to put effective processes into place and create a medical marketing video that helps you stand out from the crowd.