Case Study:

Testing Education-Clinical Trial Video



Client Profile:

Pursues integrated therapeutic (Rx) and companion diagnostic (Dx) strategy for treating cancer.


Marketing for the StarTrk2 Clinical Trial


Cancer Patients


Drive awareness and provide education to cancer patients who may not know about molecular testing and encourage patients to seek out getting a molecular test.


To provide clarity of the power of molecular testing, we developed a video that included a patient who had undergone molecular testing, and Ignyta’s Chief Medical Officer who provided the background and process of testing.

Video Goals:

One of the main goals of the video was to inform patients of the power of molecular testing and how it could benefit them. It also provides information on how Ignyta can help them with testing.


Distributed through a social media and email campaigns directed towards patients. The video was also published on the StartTRK2 trial website in their patient education section.


The video on their website provides compelling information to potential
patients who are researching their product. Hearing from both a patient and a doctor both connects with the audience and provides credible information to ease any concerns and built trust.

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