Example A: Provider Profile (2017), Creator: Unknown

Example B: Provider Profile (2019), Creator: DigiVid360

Case Study:

Which Provider is More Engaging?


Abrazo Medical Group (Tenet Health)

Client Profile:

Abrazo Medical Group is owned by Tenet Health, has 18 practice locations throughout Metro Phoenix and 85 providers in their group.


Physician Group


Patients Seeking out information on providers.


Creating an authentic, engaging and memorable portrayal of the healthcare provider.


  • Instead of using a stark studio background we film providers within their practice so that there is a sense of familiarity for them; this also allows the prospective patient to become familiar with the space. 
  • Rather than go through a checklist of questions, we use talking points, which allows for a natural, story-like progression of the interview.
  • Creating a warm, welcoming environment for the interview (being friendly, smiling, accommodating needs)

Video Goals:

To serve as an introduction to a provider and their practice. This includes information about their specialty and personal anecdotes relevant to their pursuit of medicine.


Videos have been placed on the Abrazo Medical Group website, on the respective physician’s profile page. 


  • Our video (Example B) in months, has garnered 20x the amount of views compared to the providers previous profile video (Example A).
  • We received very positive feedback from Abrazo and from the provider about the video.
  • Maybe we are biased but comparing the two videos, our video (Example B) effectively brings out this providers wonderful personality.

Customer Testimonial:

  • “The DigiVid team is wonderful at making our featured healthcare providers feel at ease during the filming and interview session.  I received a ton of great feedback from many of our providers about the filming experience and how pleased they were with their finished videos.”
    Michelle Witte, Practice Marketing Manager at Abrazo


  • Providing clients with hair & makeup services does wonders for on-camera appearance and establishing a comfortable environment for your subject.

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