Case Study:

Static Infographic into Video

Client Profile:

Caris Life Sciences is a molecular sciences company that has developed
molecular tests and bio-targeting systems to help fulfill the promise of
precision medicine.


Internal Communications


Healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical researchers


The marketing team created a static infographic and needed a way to get more engagement.  The infographic simplified molecular profiling, helps consumers understand what it can do for them, and how easy it is to order the test. Because this is important information, they wanted a way to capture a larger audience and improve retention.


Creating a video was a clear solution. The infographic visuals could be animated with a voice over script were brought together to create an engaging educational video transforming a static infographic into video. This helped to break down the complex topics and explain key areas visually. To make it easy to understand the why, what, and how of molecular profile testing.

Video Goals:

Help potential customers understand the benefit of molecular testing and encourage them to order a test.


Published on their website, their Youtube channel and in social media campaigns.


This video is evergreen and continues to provide patient education on molecular profiling. Driving additional tests.