Case Study:

EHR Launch



Client Profile:

5 Hospitals in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Research Institute, Cancer Center, 3 Health Centers, 3,400 Physicians, and 11,600 employees.


Internal Communications for their new EHR Rollout


HonorHealth Employees


Rolling out major initiatives like the launch of a new EHR system isn’t exciting to most employees due to the learning curve and the interruption to their daily tasks. Slow adoption would make the launch even more difficult. HonorHealth needed a way to create excitement about the new system and an innovative way to share some of the benefits of adoption.


Nine months before the scheduled EHR launch, HonorHealth created a video featuring employees from many different perspectives in the healthcare system who had used an EHR in the past and described their positive experiences. Highlighting personal experiences and benefits to their jobs, HonorHealth employees helped calm fears about what to expect and helped to create excitement about the new EHR. This video was played at a company meeting as part of the new EHR announcement.

Video Goals:

Generate a positive message for employees by sharing stories of adoption.


Large employee kickoff meeting, department head presentations, internal email, and employee lounges.


HonorHealth received excellent feedback about the video and great internal buzz about the EHR rollout.

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