Case Study:

Drive Customer Acquisition with Testimonials



Client Profile:

PeriGen specializes in obstetric and perinatal electronic fetal monitoring and decision support systems.


Sales & Marketing


Hospital buying teams, which include physicians and nurses.


The PeriGen system is a perinatal dashboard that prioritizes patients based on custom threshold settings for vital signs, labor progress, and fetal heart rate patterns. And they needed a unique way to communicate to other labor and delivery teams the safety and value that this system provides their teams.


Because the decision to purchase PeriGen’s products is usually made by a team, we wanted to include the benefits from multiple perspectives. We used video to humanize and connect with the audience and featured each of their perspectives in a customer testimonial video. The video highlights the experiences of a Maternity Nurse, the Director of the department, an OB/GYN Physician, as well as a patient.

Video Goals:

Drive customer acquisition by showing like-minded healthcare professionals and patients benefiting from the PeriGen system.


Published on the PeriGen’s website and used by their sales team via email outreach.


The sales team now has an effective sales tool at their disposal to provide
proof of the benefits and satisfaction from other users, especially among
their peers.

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