Case Study:

Differentiate in a Crowded Marketplace



Client Profile:

GeneDx is a genomics diagnostic company with an expertise in rare and ultra rare genetic disorders. They also offer one of the broadest menus of sequencing services available among commercial laboratories.


Sales & Marketing


Healthcare professionals and genetic counselors


The Genomics diagnostic marketplace has become increasingly crowded
making it difficult to differentiate their company and offering.


Create a video to highlight GeneDx’s key differentiators which includes tests for rare disorders and their use of Genetic Counselors to support the ordering Physicians. Do this by leveraging the passion of their leadership to deliver this message and humanize the brand.

Video Goals:

Share the rich history of GeneDx and differentiate their offering to provide confidence to the viewer, driving more test ordering.


Published on their “About Us” web page and used by sales team for email outreach to prospects.


This video has helped demonstrate GeneDx’s expertise in diagnosing rare
disorders as well as highlighting the valuable Physician support they offer with access to Genetic Counselors.

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