Case Study:

Clinical Trial Awareness and Recruitment



Client Profile:

5 Hospitals in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Research Institute, Cancer Center, 3 Health Centers, 3,400 Physicians, and 11,600 employees.


Research Institute Clinical Trial Program


Potential Patients in Clinical Trials


Patients who have been diagnosed with advanced cancer now have options. These not only provide prolonged life but a quality of life for the patient. With great results in their pancreatic cancer clinical trials, the HonorHealth Research Institute wanted to bring them to life to encourage other like minded patients to explore their options.


HonorHealth and DigiVid360 brought Julie’s story to life. As a passionate advocate for clinical trials and for her experience at HonorHealth, this provided a way to connect with other patients while sharing her amazing story of prolonged life.. Julia’s life was extended far beyond the normal life expectancy of someone with stage four pancreatic cancer. Through Julie’s story, other patients can understand the benefits of participating in a clinical trial.

Video Goals:

Drive exploration of HonorHealth Research Institute’s Clinical Trials


HonorHealth YouTube channel and Facebook


HonorHealth’s Facebook video post received over 2,000 views in the first 6 weeks and continues to drive awareness for the clinical trial program at HonorHealth’s Research Institute.

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