Promotional Video

Planned Community Resident for a Day Video

In this video for Estrella, a beautifully planned community in Arizona, we show what it’s like to be a part of their “Resident for a Day” program. 

This video is shot as an exciting, upbeat, action-packed lifestyle documentary. We followed a “Driven” family throughout the day, capturing their genuine reactions to the Estrella amenities, which include golf at the resident rate, nearby hiking trails, pools, restaurants and community centers, the waterpark, yacht club with man-powered boats to use on the lake and beautiful hiking trails.

It is narrated by the family experiencing it for the first time through small interviews after each activity, closing “reflective” interview at the end of the day, and natural sound captured throughout the day.

The sound bites are paired with fun, beautiful B-Roll that includes a mix of stabilized camera handheld shots and first person POV “selfie-style” action footage as well as some drone footage.  

Onscreen text is used in a simple and subtle way to share important key messaging and facts over B-Roll.

The beauty of the simplicity of this text is that it allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in our family’s story and their attachment to the beauty and excitement of Estrella and its amenities.


Motion Graphics
Live Interview
Hair and Makeup
Set Preparation

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