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A Little Bit About Us

Who we are

DigiVid360™ is a digital video marketing company that combines premier video production and strategic video marketing to amplify a businesses’ video content across all platforms. Whether creating an online or broadcast video advertisement or explaining the details of a product or service, we make sure the video attracts the right audience in a compelling way, encourages engagement, while keeping the business objectives in mind.

DigiVid360™ is also known as DigiVid™, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, we’re engineered to provide services to businesses coast-to-coast and abroad. Our team consists of video production and video marketing experts with more than enough years of experience in the industry to ensure success for our clients. This means that we provide video production in Phoenix Arizona and in other locations across the nation.

Our services include video production and video marketing. An amazing video might be created, but we have learned that without the marketing, the video may not achieve the purpose of its creation. Worse, it may never been seen by the intended audience. Digital marketing strategy guides how to use the video assets to improved current digital tactics. Marketing strategy also helps us know how to appeal directly to the target audience.

At DigiVid360, we start with marketing strategy to overcome an obstacle, use creativity in video to address it and then apply proven methods to get the message to the target audience.

We take on projects large and small. If you are interested in seeing what video marketing can do for you, contact us as at [email protected] to schedule your free initial consultation with us! Or fill out the simple Free Consultation form.

Our skills

Video Production

We offer state-of-the-art video production services for a variety of industries to showcase their business in an engaging way. With crews across the nation to film your project. Our team ensures the proper direction and consistency in the delivered video.

Digital Metrics

What good is it to create and promote a video without knowing how effective it is at generating leads and converting your customer? We make sure your video helps you achieve the goals you intend with analytics so that you can measure the success.

Video Marketing

We specialize in strategically promoting your video so it resonates with your audience, compelling them to act. There are so many ways to market your videos, we can help you determine the right approach to reach your marketing goals.


DigiVid360™ improves the digital marketing landscape by incorporating high-quality video into marketing plans, pushing the limits of technology and creativity to improve the message and by delivering the message in a personalized way. This will be achieved by building lasting relationships in an honest, thoughtful and fun way with employees, partners, vendors, and clients.

Why DigiVid360?

More than just video

At DigiVid360™, we bridge the gap between high-quality video production services and creative a custom video marketing strategy that maximizes your investment and exceeds your expectations.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Video marketing needs come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we craft custom-tailored solutions to meet your unique businesses objectives and appeal to your target audience. There are many different types of videos, we will help you determine the most impactful videos for your business.

Results driven

A video alone won’t produce results for your business. We put your video to work by going beyond storytelling to help you reach your audience, engage them and drive them to action.

Top industry expertise

When you work with DigiVid360™, you’re hiring a team of strategists, marketers, innovators and leaders with over 55 years of video production experience.

Strategy focused

From inception to launch, you get more than just a video. You get our expertise from audience and goals through video campaign deployment and management.

Latest Technology

We stay at the forefront of video marketing trends and advancements to deliver the most creative and effective solution for our clients each and every time.

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